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Is there insurance coverage for the injury?

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  • You NEVER PAY us anything ever.
  • Your insurance rate WILL NOT go up.
  • We’ll contact the insurance companies so you don’t have to.
  • We’ll work on 4 possible solutions to get you into a rental car today.
  • We’ll facilitate vehicle repairs with your choice of body shop at zero cost.
  • We’ll ensure your vehicle is repaired to pre-accident quality or better.
  • We’ll set-up expert medical treatment even without health insurance at zero cost to you.
  • We’ll create a lost wage claim to collect funds for any missed work.
  • We’ll begin a policy investigation into all potential at-fault coverage for your maximum compensation.
  • We’ll submit a demand package to the at-fault party(s) and begin settlement negotiations.
  • If insurance companies stall to offer you the maximum, our trial attorneys move into the courtroom to continue the pursuit of your owed compensation as a victim of an injury.
  • You receive a tax-free cash settlement.
  • Your legal team receives a fee from the settlement, but our clients ALWAYS receive the most!
  • All costs are covered by the at-fault insurance coverage (at-fault parties).
  • Did we mention YOU NEVER PAY US ANYTHING? Guaranteed, YOU WON’T!
Do the work Yourself: (click)
  • You contact the insurance companies for long complicated interactions for weeks or months on end.
  • Your insurance rate may go up.
  • You’re often stuck waiting weeks for the at-fault insurance company to provide you a rental vehicle.
  • Statistics show that 23% of the time, you’ll still be denied coverage even as a victim in the accident.
  • You’re spending your time and energy trying to persuade the insurance companies to do the bare minimum, fixing your car.
  • If they agree to pay, you’re pushed into using a body shop loyal to the insurance company with their best interests in mind.
  • If you’re injured without health insurance, you’re paying for needed treatment.
  • If you’re injured with health insurance, you’re paying contracted costs along the way and waiting for treatment approval.
  • Most accident victims are left with pain that doesn’t show for years.
  • You’re missing work and not getting paid.
  • Insurance companies often make mistakes to their benefit.
  • Insurance policies are very lengthy and complex, so you’re likely unaware of your full benefits and entitled compensation.

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